New Jersey Continuing Education Course: A Brief Introduction to Real Estate Finance

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New Jersey Continuing Education COURSE

New Jersey CE:A Brief Introduction to Real Estate Finance

A Brief Introduction to Real Estate Finance

2.0 Total hours
2.0 Elective hours
0.0 Core Topics hours
This course counts as 2 hours of Elective course credit in New Jersey.

Most buyers of real estate will require a loan. In fact, the financing of a home is as integral to real estate transactions as finding the home itself; if the buyer cannot obtain financing, the transaction will ultimately fail. To provide the best service to consumers, it is essential for licensees to have a clear understanding of the financing process, from initial loan application through funding at closing. The Financing course provides licensees with the must-know financing issues to enable them to better serve their clients who require financing for real estate purchases.

Course Highlights

  • An analysis of the key players in financing, including primary and secondary markets
  • A detailed look at a loan application package and the process of applying for and obtaining a loan
  • An evaluation of consumer options for loan packages and types
  • A discussion of the government’s role in real estate financing
  • A primer in interpreting loan terminology
  • An overview of the importance of the loan source and provisions as part of the closing process